Never Forgetting at the FDNY Fire Academy: 9/11 Memorials

Frank Leeb takes you on a tour of some the various 9/11 tributes and memorials at The Rock, the FDNY’s world-famous fire academy.

By Frank Leeb

Photos by author

Dedicated in 1975 and opened the following year, the New York City Fire Academy is a world-class training facility.  Also known as “The Rock,” the fire academy is the hub of training for the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). Indeed, every FDNY firefighter begins their career here in our probationary firefighter school. However, probationary firefighter school is only the beginning of a career-long learning experience. Most members typically attend one or more of our various classroom training programs at the fire academy each year. This is in addition to the daily training in our subway simulator, tactical live fire training, chauffeur training school, and a host of other hands-on scenarios that take place daily on our 27-acre campus.

The FDNY’s long-standing commitment and dedication to develop and mentor our next generation of firefighters and leaders can largely be attributed to the fire academy’s world-class instructors, who possess unsurpassed cumulative experience both in the classroom and on the fireground. Our dedicated staff of instructors understand that training at the fire academy lays the foundational cornerstone to success on the fireground.


Many are aware of the quality of training that occurs here, but fewer realize that the fire academy is also home to an astonishing number of historic and museum-like artifacts and memorials. From historic fire engines to paintings and memorials to FDNY members killed in the line of duty, nearly everything at the fire academy has a significant meaning.

Indeed, the term “Never Forget” is evident in every area and aspect of the FDNY and the fire academy. Remembering and teaching our history is an important component of the fire academy. This is especially true when it comes to remembering our fallen members.

No single incident has more memorials or has had as large an impact on the FDNY than September 11, 2001. With more than 50 memorials, paintings, plaques, drawings, monuments, and dedications at the fire academy alone, we offer here some photos and a brief description of just a few.

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