Negotiations ongoing for fire protection services in Burt Township

The Topinabee Fire Department currently provides fire protection services to most of Mullett Township and the eastern half of Burt Township. Burt and Mullett townships are currently working on negotiating a contract for the fire department to continue providing those services to Burt Township.

MULLETT TOWNSHIP — Negotiations between Burt Township and Mullett Township for fire protection services on the east side of Burt Township have been ongoing for the last several months, with several proposals already having been denied.

“There is no current contract. The one that we are functioning on is expired and the next nearest one was from around 2005,” said Topinabee Fire Chief Mike English. “We are doing between 40 and 50 runs a year to the east side of Burt Township. The last couple of years that we have tracked — consistently for around five years — it has been a third of our run volume.”

One of the items of contention is how much each of the townships is paying for the fire protection through the Topinabee Fire Department. Currently, residents of Mullett Township are paying 1.4735 mills annually for fire protection services, while Burt Township is paying 0.5 mills, which is split between the Pellston Fire Department and Topinabee Fire Department.

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