Do you employ the Toledo Fire Department?

In a statement, the TFRD stated that the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the hiring process, but is now on track to raise staff levels.

Toledo, Ohio — A message to the people of Toledo on a sign outside the Toledo Firefighters Local 92 Union Hall on Washington Street, what the union thinks about fire department staffing, and what that means for the city. I will send you a clear message about this.

As of Friday, there is a sign that says, “Your fire department is dangerously understaffed today.”

WTOL 11 has contacted Dan Desmond, President of Local 92. He states that in most cases this month the department was unable to meet the minimum staffing requirements. He says this is a dangerous situation for the people of Toledo.

“You can’t be a Family Dollar when you’re short on staff, you close the door and lock it until someone works. KFC can’t let anyone in, so it can open until 2pm No. Morning. We need to have staff. We need to be ready to respond, that’s a big safety issue, “said Desmond.

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Desmond says staffing is very important as many firefighters are approaching retirement. He says the solution to the problem is simple-hire more people.

Saturday, Toledo spokesman, Private Sterlinglae
The fire department sent answers to the union’s concerns on behalf of the fire department.

According to the statement, the COVID-19 pandemic is a major cause of the slowdown in the recruitment process, which was well underway in 2020 until the test site was closed.

The statement further states that the city currently has 49 recruits at the Fire Academy and plans for additional classes.

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The union sign comes shortly after another staffing issue that caught the attention of WTOL11.

At the beginning of the week, TFRD sent a letter to some 9-1-1 dispatchers, giving them the option to give up their vacation in exchange for their salary.

The letter states that anyone who wants to refrain from vacation can receive money instead.

Private Rahe says there is no shortage of dispatchers, but that was expected as the city is working on a transition to the new county-wide 9-1-1 system.

“We’re the same as we’ve been struggling across the country. The difference is that it’s open 24/7, with no shutdowns,” Rahe said.

The regional 9-1-1 system will be implemented this fall.

Read the full statement from Toledo Fire & Rescue:

The city of Toledo and the TFRD administration have been working to increase staff for some time. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, class recruitment and recruitment efforts went smoothly. The pandemic has indefinitely hampered the recruitment process due to the closure of the National Testing Network (NTN) resource site. NTN is an agency that provides entrance tests and physical agility tests (firefighter miles) for the Toledo Fire Department. The test site was closed for several months, invalidating the goal of hiring a fire class of 50 people in December 2020. When the test site reopened, city officials resumed the recruitment process without delay. At this time, the city of Toledo currently has a class of 49 new employees who are familiar with the academy process. As a result, the adoption of additional classes is proceeding smoothly. The Toledo City administration has never neglected its obligation to hire a sufficient number of firefighters. We understand the negative effects caused by the pandemic and we really sympathize with it. The city plans to hire enough firefighters to rescue current members and reduce the potential for staffing issues.

Do you employ the Toledo Fire Department?

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