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The latest trailer for Halloween Kills just landed, and there is a lot of new plot details divulged by the nearly three-minute clip. Released in 1978, John Carpenter’s legendary horror Halloween essentially invented the slasher movie. The basic elements of slashers were set out as early as 1960’s Psycho and Peeping Tom, and Bob Clark’s Black Christmas created a blueprint for the sub-genre for years earlier.

However, while it was 1980’s Friday the 13th (and its many sequels) that made studios realize slashers were cheap, profitable money machines, Halloween was the first film to bring together every element of the archetypical slasher in one story. With the indestructible, slow-moving, mute masked killer, the sweet-but-strong final girl, her more licentious (and, as such, inevitably doomed) friends who indulged in drugs and premarital sex, Halloween had all the hallmarks of a classic slasher. The low-budget movie’s massive sleeper hit success soon gave rise to a sub-genre that would come to define horror cinema throughout the ‘80s.

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However, while Halloween was a huge success, the franchise did not always fare so well with viewers. The later sequels earned woeful reviews while Halloween’s 2007 remake and its sequel Halloween 2 were equally derided for relying on gore and an increased body count over the original movie’s suspense and slow-burn thrills. That said, 2018’s franchise reboot Halloween was well-liked by both critics and fans as it harkened back to the stripped-back simplicity of the brutal efficient original while updating the story for the twenty-first century. Now, the sequel Halloween Kills promises to keep this gory story going, so what does the movie’s long-awaited new trailer reveal about the next franchise installment?

How Michael Escapes Halloween’s Firey Ending

The action of Halloween Kills clearly picks up immediately after the end of Halloween, with Michael trapped in the burning house. And rather than going for a “the killer disappeared” trope to explain how Michael got out, the trailer reveals the unfortunate tragedy that he was helped out by well-meaning firefighters.

Halloween Kills Will Reference Halloween II…

Halloween Kills Michael Myers

Between being set in a hospital and picking up the action of the sequel exactly where the last movie left off, Halloween Kills owes an obvious creative debt to Halloween II. As the best-reviewed of Halloween’s many sequels, it makes sense for Halloween Kills to ape the approach of the underrated (if less scary) Halloween II. However, the amount of footage set throughout Haddonfield does mean the movie will also likely have a slightly larger scope than the earlier sequel.

Halloween Kills Also References My Bloody Valentine 3D (And The Hills Have Eyes)

The sight of Michael emerging from the burning house gives the sequel a chance to reference a pair of horror remakes. Michael embeds a pickaxe through the mask (and head) of a firefighter, offering a nod to two ‘00s horror reimagining at once. The same shot appears early on in the action of Alexandre Aja’s The Hills Have Eyes remake from 2006, and is used again in 2009’s Jensen Ackles vehicle My Bloody Valentine 3D.

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