Firefighters and police do ‘wonderful job’ for food bank

Timmins Police staffer put through rigours of being a firefighter as part of a side wager during a recent food drive

In these trying times, the community has come through for the food bank, according to volunteer Jim Young. 

Recently, the Timmins Police and Timmins Fire Department collected more than 1,000 pounds of food and $300 for the Timmins Food Bank.

“The Timmins Fire Department narrowly beat out the Timmins Police in terms of gathering food for the food banks locally,” said Marc Depatie, Timmins Police communications coordinator. “As a side wager, I’ve agreed to become a fireman for a day, be put through the rigours.”

Last week, he donned the bunker gear and with a little help from the firefighters practised using the fire hose.

“It’s all part of an effort to inspire people to continue to donate to the local food banks,” said Depatie. 

The food bank is doing well, according to Young.

“It’s trying times, we’re changing our routines just like everybody  else has had to do, but we’re coping quite well,” said Young.

He praised the police and firefighters for their food drive.

“When we don’t have to go out and knock on doors, I can’t say enough about the fire department and the police, they do a wonderful job for us. This is food we didn’t have yesterday, we get it in, we sort it and we get it out,” he said.

If people want to donate, he said the food bank goes through a lot of peanut butter and jams. With the heat, he said Gatorade is also a popular item. 

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