Tasmania Fire Service recruits graduate, with five on the way to the North-West

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Five recruits will soon be on the ground, protecting the Coast from blazes after graduating from the Tasmania Fire Service recruitment course on Friday. Devonport’s Matt Smith was one of the graduates who completed the 15-week-long “crash course in firefighting”. Mr Smith said the graduation was a bittersweet moment of finishing the training with a group of people he had grown close to. “It’s something you remember for the rest of your life,” Mr Smith said. He said he was proud to be able to wear the badge. “I really feel sincerely proud to be in this role and to be able to serve the community.” Mr Smith said the culture was set by the selection process from the TFS, saying the organisation picked people not based on age, skills or sex instead on values. “You can teach those tools, but you can’t teach fundamental values.” He said that firefighting had been something he had really wanted to do. “I thought it was such an unachievable thing and hold it in such high regard, that I thought becoming a firefighter was a far out dream. “It really does suit me practically, because the role demands are physical and hands on. “Being Devonport born and bred, it’s awesome to have my community’s back.” Mr Smith said that anyone who might think firefighting was a far out dream, that it wasn’t. “It’s achievable and it’s a career for life. “I’m staying in it until the end, I’m in a fortunate position.” Station Officer Adam Doran said there were 30 recruits who had graduated. “To have 30 new people go into our brigade statewide is a massive injection of new people that we really needed,” Mr Doran said. He said firefighting was no longer a male dominated field. “Diversity encompasses everything. So if you want to be a firefighter, you really should put your hand up.” Why not pick up a subscription to The Advocate? Sign up here.


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