Firefighter Killed, Another Injured In Agua Dulce Fire Station Shooting;

Tuesday night a vigil was held for the fallen firefighter in Acton, attended by his friends and family.

Video Transcript

CBS 2’s Lesley Marin live at Acton Park, where an emotional vigil was just held. Lesley.

LESLEY MARIN: Susie, Jeff, yeah, a lot of firefighters, current and retired, were out here at this vigil, along with a good friend of that fallen firefighter who described him as a devoted father and a hard worker.

(SINGING) Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.

LESLEY MARIN: A community in mourning, as residents and family gathered at an Acton Park.

We lost honestly one of the best human beings that we have ever come encountered with.

LESLEY MARIN: A friend of the 44-year-old firefighter that was killed described him as a loving father to three girls.

When it comes to being a father, when it comes to being a fireman, when it comes to being a mentor, there was nobody that could parallel that. He taught me much about being a better father for my girls, and being there.

LESLEY MARIN: La Habra City Councilman Jose Medrano posted this photo, identifying the fallen firefighter as Tory Carlon. Sheriff’s investigators say the fallen firefighter was killed when the shooter, who was also a fire engineer at Station 81, made his way to the firehouse in Agua Dulce just before 11:00 AM. That’s where investigators say he also shot the 54-year-old fire captain. They believe the suspect who had the day off, then drove 10 miles to his home in Acton, set it on fire before taking his own life.

DARYL OSBY: You know, I’ve always prayed that we would never have a line of duty death, and never thought that if it occurred, that it would occur in this fashion.

LESLEY MARIN: LA County Fire Chief Daryl Osby was overcome with emotion. He described the firefighter killed as a 20-year veteran, whose job was to drive the fire truck.

DARYL OSBY: Truly dedicated. One of our better firefighters. Amazing, and a true loss to our department.

LESLEY MARIN: Investigators say two other firefighters were also at the firehouse when the shooting occurred. They were able to alert deputies about what happened. But why it happened, detectives are still trying to figure out. “The LA Times” is reporting there may have been an ongoing dispute between the shooter and the firefighter who was killed, who worked different shifts but live in the same area.

BRANDON DEAN: They work 24 hours. So we have to interview all the people that are assigned to this firehouse that worked on all three different shifts to basically get into, was there any history between these individuals, when was the last time they saw each other.

LESLEY MARIN: As for that fire captain that was shot, we’re told he underwent immediate surgery. And tonight, he is in stable but critical condition. Reporting live in Acton, Lesley Marin, “CBS 2 News.”

And after that shooting today, investigators say the gunman then–

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