City planners to look at site plan review addition

May 24—With the increase of residential developments that do not meet the requirements of having to be approved by city planners and the influx of high density subdivisions, members of the Crossville Regional Planning Commission Thursday approved a resolution that would address both issues by adding a site review process.

The action taken during the regular May meeting does not establish a plan but requests that city staff look into what best suit city residents’ need through a site plan review process.

Presently, developments that do not involve the division of property are not presented to the planning commission.

State law gives planners authority to require developers to submit a site plat submission and approval outside the requirements of ordinances and subdivision regulations.

Several apartment complexes, cluster housing and/or larger subdivisions with minimum lot sizes are being installed. Some amenities such as sidewalks are absent from developments and proper turnarounds for fire equipment and school buses are absent.

Recently city staff has noted:

—Population densities that are greater than a standard subdivision, which can put a strain on existing infrastructure such as roads, sewer and water; and,

—Several non-subdivided developments have been greater than a ten percent increase in population density over that of standard subdivided subdivisions;

As a result, these developments do not include:

—Proper setbacks and spacing;

—Open space for recreational area;


—Utility easements;

—Fire hydrants for proper fire protections;

—Proper turnaround areas for fire trucks and school bus traffic; and,

—Driveway access to public right-of-way.

Other items that could be included in the site plan review requirement could include:


—Landscaping features;

—Refuse collection areas; and,

—Impervious surface area and required stormwater structures.

Last week’s action launches a study of what might be needed to protect citizens and the city’s infrastructure.

In other items on the agenda, the following took place:

—APPROVED requested annexation and plan of services for 8.79 acres in The Gardens Phase 8 Plat 4-A. The property will have access off Hwy. 70 W. and Northside Dr. Plan of services is a routine plan with planners recommending to city council that plan and the annexation.

—APPROVED preliminary plat plan for a 43 lot subdivision off Sparta Dr. identified as Sky View Meadow. This development will include about 1,500 feet of new road and water and 2,200 feet of new sewer lines. This site may require a variance on road slope maximums because of the topography and any variance will be included in the final plat approval.

—APPROVED a four lot subdivision identified as the Shaver division off Hwy. 70 E. All city water and services are in place.

—APPROVED a division of 1,220 acres identified as the Keener family division located on Hwy. 70 N. outside the city limits but within the city’s planning region. There is an existing and working septic system. A variance was granted to not requirement another soil test and a second variance for the remainder of the property to not have road frontage as required.

—APPROVED a proposed division of 1.853 acres off a parcel identified as the Lantana Baptist Church division off Lantana Rd. The property is located outside the city limits but within the city planning region. Sewer is available to the property but the property will continue to use the working septic system in place.

—APPROVED for the minutes the city planner’s report as follows: In house plats, Lloyd property, a simple subdivision along Bell Red submitted for review; regular in house plats, The Gardens Phase 8, plat 4-A, pending corrected plat.

From July 1, 2020, through May 14, 2021, 34 planning items have been reviewed; 205 preliminary lots; 112 final lots; 91 new lots created; $3,450 in fees collected; 75.988 acres subdivided; and 2,780 in new roads, water and sewer lines added.

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