Firefighters injured cat missing people hospitalized Rockland fire

ROCKLAND – Three families lost their homes Saturday after a fire ripped through the top two floors of a triple-decker on Pacific Street in Rockland.

The fire sent two firefighters to the hospital, one after falling down a flight of stairs and after suffering a medical episode.

All the residents were able to escape, and one was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

Hector Sanchez lived on the second floor of the house with his daughter and girlfriend. He was in the bathroom after getting off of work when the smoke alarms started to go off, he said. A few minutes later, his girlfriend saw smoke and told him to get out.

“The front door, we couldn’t get out because there was fire there,” Sanchez said. “The house was full of smoke real quick. It was quick.”

After trying to get out of the house, and being blocked by heat and smoke, he and his girlfriend escaped out the back. His daughter was not home.

Angelina Felix-Rharib lived on the first floor with her three children, but none of them were home when the fire started. She had just visited a nail salon and was driving down the street to pick up her mother when she saw smoke. As she pulled up to her mother’s house on the same street, she saw it was her house on fire.

“I left my mom and flew down there,” she said.

Felix-Rharib said her apartment was not damaged by fire, just by smoke and water, so they were able to salvage some clothes. 

Abington fire fighters exit the triple decker after they helped extinguish the three alarm fire at 91 Pacific Street in Rockland on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

“We were able to get some pictures and stuff like that because there was no fire or anything like that,” she said. “We were very fortunate. On the second and third floor, everything burned.”

Felix-Rharib said she did not have renter’s insurance because at the start of the pandemic, they decided to cut down on expenses.

“And then this happened, even though it’s just a couple of dollars a month,” she said.

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