Tributes Continue For Mollie Tibbetts As Her Alleged Killer Begins Trial

BROOKLYN, IOWA — This July 18th will mark three years since Mollie Tibbetts went missing on her evening jog here in her hometown of Brooklyn. Based on the numerous tributes and signs of remembrance it’s as if time has stood still ever since. “This is a very strong knit community and they are not going to forget and even if justice is served it will probably still haunt this town for quite a long time because she was an amazing woman,” said Brooklyn resident Jer Ridiout.

Ribbons continue to line the main stretch of town along Jackson Street. Downtown shops and restaurants continue to honor her life with those ribbons in teal, her favorite color. The BGM High School where Tibbetts graduated proudly displays her initials M.T. at their football field.

Patti Jacobson served as a volunteer firefighter in nearby Hartwick when Tibbetts went missing. She spent countless hours searching for Mollie until she was found dead in late August in a cornfield near nearby Guernsey. After numerous delays and change in venues in the trial of Mollie’s alleged killer Cristhian Rivera, many residents say the wait for justice has delayed any closure. “It’s difficult because it is not here but I understand the reason it’s not here because so many people are probably prejudiced and wouldn’t give him a fair trial but he did lead police to Mollie’s body and that to me is a point of guilty,” said Jacobson.

A number of residents said their emotions were still too raw to watch the trial on television. The memories of Mollie Tibbetts are certainly strong in Brooklyn.

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