Burlington High students get first-hand look at emergency response

Paramedics and firefighters swarmed the parking lot of Burlington High School on Thursday in an effort to rescue “Randy” from a car that had been T-boned by a vehicle traveling 25 mph.

The accident occurred some time ago. Randy isn’t a person, but a 160-pound plastic dummy the Burlington Fire Department uses for simulation training.

Health science students watched as firefighters worked for about 20 minutes to pry open the driver’s-side doors of the vehicle, which was donated by Beckman’s Towing. They carefully extracted Randy and placed him on a stretcher, administered CPR and loaded him into the back of an ambulance. 

Meanwhile, the whirring of a helicopter grew nearer, prompting students to look skyward. It wasn’t long before MedForce landed in the soccer field. It took only about five minutes for Randy, who was showing signs of internal bleeding, to be wheeled from the ambulance to the chopper, and then the dummy was airborne.

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