Friends, family, first responders pay final respects to fallen Ellsworth


A public Memorial service for an Ellsworth Deputy Fire Chief drew in crowds of fellow firefighters around the state to Ellsworth today.

Deputy Chief Bobby Dorr served more than a decade with the Ellsworth Fire Department.

But his legacy will last much longer.

His achievements and impact cannot be summed up by any one person.

But hearing from his friends and fellow firefighters will give you an idea.

“A friend said it best, Bobby lived to see everyone else succeed,” said Lt. Amanda Corson of the Trenton Fire Department.

Deputy Chief Bobby Dorr, an American hero who was beloved by all in the Ellsworth community.

Dorr passed away peacefully at his home on May 5th after battling cancer since he was diagnosed in January 2020.

Dorr served on Ellsworths Fire Department for 12 years and continued to serve up until his passing.

“He did more in those 12 years than most people do in their whole career,” said Ellsworth Fire Chief Gary Saunders.

“I don’t know how we’re going to replace him, he’s going to have tough shoes to fill, it’s going to be hard,” Chief Saunders added.

Friends, family, and fellow first responders from many towns across the state gathered on Sunday to pay their respects to the fallen hero.

“It’s been a tough week, a tough couple of weeks, but there is a lot of support here today, and if you’ve ever heard about firefighter brother and sisterhood, all you have to do is look around here today, it’s here,” said Chief Saunders.

Dorr was as accomplished a firefighter as any.

Named firefighter of the year three times in 2012, 2016, and 2017.

An achievement that has never been matched.

Most recently, Dorr was named the recipient of the 2021 Captain Joel Barnes Award.

“An honor bestowed upon those who demonstrate outstanding professionalism and service to their community and a commitment to promoting life safety education,” said Andrew Sanky, Hancock County Emergency Management Agency.

But perhaps Dorr’s greatest honor was serving as the lead instructor for the Hancock County Fire Academy.

In a recent interview, Dorr told TV5 this was his favorite part of his job.

“He mentored hundreds of firefighters coming up through, and a lot of people out there owe their life to him,” said Chief Saunders.

One of those firefighters is Lieutenant Amanda Corson who serves for the Trenton Fire Department.

Corson and Dorr became good friends, and he inspired her to become an instructor for the academy.

“Even in his final days, when people went to visit, he was always asking how are you? What do you need? He was the epitome of selflessness,” Corson said.

“In the name of Bobby Dorr, let’s be everything that we can be with the passion and the desire that he has in this job,” said Joe Thomas, Maine State Fire Marshall.

Hundreds of firefighters and community members who were there today all have their own stories about how Deputy Chief Dorr impacted their lives.

His memory will last well beyond his lifetime.

Following today’s public service, Dorr was laid to rest by his loved ones at Steuben Village Cemetery.

Rest in peace Deputy Chief.

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