New Search Conducted for Clues Into Michael Chambers Missing Person Case – NBC 5

A new sheriff in Hunt County is breathing new life into one of the most mysterious missing person cases in North Texas.

Michael Chambers, 70, disappeared March 10, 2017.

He was last seen on surveillance video leaving a Walmart in Quinlan, a small town in Hunt County.

He was a retired Dallas firefighter, family man and fixer, according to his daughter Suzy Chambers Floyd.

“There was nothing he couldn’t fix,” Floyd said.

Since her father’s death, she moved from north Texas to a picturesque property in the Hill country.

“It should be a peaceful, fairytale life and it is, save for this one horrible situation,” Floyd said.

In 2017, investigators say Michael Chambers disappeared from his property in Hunt County.

His wife reported him missing when she came home to an empty house.

“I’m really torn because we don’t have any answers,” said the then-Sheriff Randy Meeks.

Investigators said they found a small amount of blood in Chamber’s workshop along with his wallet and keys.

Tireless searches in the months that followed turned up few clues.

The last update came in 2018 when the sheriff at the time shared his belief that Chambers may have jumped off a bridge over Lake Tawakani.

“I really feel like he, he jumped in there his self and committed suicide,” Sheriff Meeks told NBC 5’s media partner KRLD.

Floyd and her family rejected the idea Chambers killed himself, then and now.

“Absolutely not. Not one tiny bit of me would believe that that was the truth,” Floyd said.

She hired a private investigator who reportedly gave information to the new Hunt County Sheriff Terry Jones which led to a search last weekend.

“That was a big effort and it was so appreciated,” Floyd said.

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office says 78 members of law enforcement and vetted volunteers searched for evidence Saturday on 420 acres of dense woods, open pastures and creek beds. The search involved the use of k9’s, all-terrain vehicles, a drone, riders on horseback and individuals on foot, the sheriff’s office stated in a press release.

Floyd says its given her new hope her family may one day get answers.

“You hope for an outcome, you hope for answers, you hope for closure, but it’s not going to be a happy fairy tale ending where I have my dad back,” she said.

Anyone with information about the Chambers case is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 903-453-6838, or contact Hunt County Crime Stoppers at 903-457-2929 or download the app,

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