GFD spends more than 24 hours putting out Harmon fire

The Guam Fire Department spent more than 24 hours trying to put out a deep-seated fire in Harmon Industrial Park located at the Dewitt moving company warehouse.

On the second day of extinguishing efforts, the road leading to the warehouse was blocked off by Guam Police Department.

Employees of Dewitt and other businesses in the area were asked to walk to their places of work because of the closure.

Dewitt employees declined to comment on the fire.

One of the businesses in close proximity to the Dewitt warehouse was Ambros Inc. who had to halt operations since the fire began Wednesday morning, according to marketing manager Jojo Camacho.

“Ambros was closed for the day yesterday, due to the restricted access while the fire was being extinguished” Camacho said. “Earlier today, the road was open to allow a limited amount of vehicles to leave our compound and eventually return.”

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