Umpqua Community College board of education approves moving forward with

WINCHESTER — Umpqua Community College’s board of education agreed to form a steering committee to examine the feasibility of a residential fire station for students.

Rob Bullock, fire chief for Douglas County Fire District No. 2, presented his plans for the Treven Anspach Memorial Station, which would house both the community college’s fire science students and classrooms and an experienced fire crew.

“If we were all in the same room, chief, I think you would get an affirmation from the entire board that this is outrageously cool,” board chair Steve Loosley said. “We hope that you get lots of traction and interest, and continue to move the project forward. It’s a tremendous initiative.”

Kacy Crabtree, provost at the community college, said a timeline will need to be established to determine the different aspects that will need to be discussed in the steering committee but that updates would be provided to the board as the project moves forward.

Andy Hatfield, who teaches fire science at the community college, said the project has been talked about for years and he’s excited to see it finally move forward.

Bullock said he hopes the fire station will improve not only the number of students who go through the program, but also the number of firefighters in the area.

Fire District No. 2 only hires firefighters who are also paramedics.

“This one proposal could bring more students to both the fire science and the paramedic program,” Bullock said.

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