‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ offers satisfying start to summer

Angelina Jolies and Jon Bernthal star in the thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead.”

“Those Who Wish Me Dead” is a reminder that, theoretically at least, the summer movie season is upon us — as weird and out of whack it may seem.

We’re still in pandemic mode, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel that may just be weeks away and Angelina Jolie’s latest movie signals the changing season. “Dead’s” action adventure film credentials — meaning mindless fluff — falls right into the summer season and opened on area screens and streamed on HBO Max beginning Friday.

As summer releases go, it doesn’t possess the cachet anyone would expect, but seeing Jolie on the screen is never an unenjoyable event and “Dead” is a film that not only features her prominently, but also has Jon Bernthal, a personal favorite, taking on a hefty role in this thriller.  Bernthal possesses that “I know that face, but not the name” kind of cred, but he tends to deliver in every role he takes. “Dead” is no exception.

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