Here’s how Dacorum residents can apply to become an On-call Firefighter

If you would like to become an On-call firefighter and provide essential cover for your community, whilst earning additional money, then Hertfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service would like to hear from you.

An On-call firefighter is a fully trained firefighter who responds to incidents from home or work. They engage in their normal day-to-day activity or primary employment but are contacted via an alerter in the event of a 999 call.

Once alerted, On-call firefighters – formerly known as retained firefighters – check in to their fire station, collect their fire kit and work alongside full-time firefighters at the same incidents.

Do you want to become an On-call Firefighter?
Do you want to become an On-call Firefighter?

Hertfordshire County Council’s Director of Community Protection and Chief Fire Officer, Darryl Keen said: “Being an On-call firefighter is one of the most exciting and rewarding jobs you can do and provides a valuable service to the community.

“The flexibility of a working pattern that you are able to fit around work or home life also means the job can be balanced with other commitments.

“This has attracted a diverse workforce and an increasing number of women and single parents into the role. If you feel it is a commitment you could make, we would particularly welcome applicants from all sections of the community.”

Those who are successfully shortlisted will be required to attend a selection day on Sunday, May 23, or Saturday, June 12, at JESA Training Centre, Stevenage.

Eligible applicants must:

– be over 18 when the recruit course is due to start – there’s no upper age limit

– live or work within four minutes of their chosen fire station

– have the right to work in the UK (but the Fire Service accepts any nationality)

– not have any unspent criminal convictions (if you have a criminal record, you must disclose this in your application).

There are no height requirements, but you will need to maintain a level of fitness and this will be tested during the selection process.

Applicants can still apply if they have another job elsewhere. For more details read the Employee Guide or the Employers Guide for businesses wishing to support their employees being On-call Firefighters.

Fire stations in Dacorum currently requiring more cover include:

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