When the Meth Lab Is in Your Rural Neighborhood

One afternoon last month, the chief of our rural volunteer fire department called my husband with a heads-up before our pagers went off: Law enforcement needed the department to stand by while they processed another meth lab.

The first time our department aided law enforcement in processing a drug house was one afternoon a few years ago. As you can imagine, information about and the location of an impending operation were closely guarded until officers had secured the scene. The fire chief phoned a few people he thought might be able to respond with our equipment, but law enforcement didn’t want to page out the department on an open local government channel. With fire trucks and cop cars visible from the highway, it didn’t take long for folks to figure out what was up. And the location wasn’t a surprise to most of the neighborhood. As I recall, EMS had been called to that location the day before for a drug overdose. 

Bill and I watched one season of Breaking Bad on DVD from the library. It didn’t quite prepare me for what I heard law enforcement removed from that house.

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