Temecula Rolls Out $1.2M State-Of-The-Art Ladder Fire Truck

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TEMECULA, CA — As the City of Temecula develops out, it is also expanding upward with new, taller buildings — including hotels and other structures. Temecula’s heightened stature adds complexity to firefighting, but this week the city unveiled a new aerial ladder fire truck that can elevate crews higher than ever before.

The custom-built, 57-foot-long truck is replacing a 2003 ladder truck that has been a lifesaver across the Southwest Riverside County area. Until recently, the older rig was the only ladder truck in the region. Now, the nearly 20-year-old vehicle will be used on a reserve basis and will be parked at Fire Station 95 off Butterfield Stage Road.

The new truck will be housed at Station 73 in the business/industrial area of the city. The fully equipped vehicle features at least nine different-sized ladders ranging in lengths up to 101 feet, with a camera at the tip of the ladder that gives firefighters on the ground a birds-eye view in critical situations, city officials explained.

The truck also allows crews to perform confined space rescues with an underground air monitoring system, supplied air, and communication equipment. The new truck also houses swift water rescue apparatus, including an inflatable boat and related equipment; jaws-of-life extrication tools and stabilization struts used for trench or other precarious rescues; and both low-angle and high-angle rescue equipment to perform technical rescues, according to city officials.

The truck also helps crews provide life-saving work, such as vertical ventilation. Additionally, it helps crews stay safer while battling commercial structure blazes by using an “aerial master stream of water” that keeps personnel out of a building’s “collapse zone.”

“This new state-of-the-art ladder truck is a significant enhancement to the department’s response capabilities and complies with modern, nationally recognized safety standards,” said Temecula Fire Chief John Crater. ” … this improved ladder truck will provide added capabilities needed to serve our community.”

In 2016, voters approved Measure S, which provided the funds to purchase the new fire ladder truck. The custom-built truck was constructed and budgeted over two fiscal years at a cost of approximately $1.2 million, according to the city.

“Utilizing Measure S, the city is continuing its promise of keeping public safety as the top priority, including fire protection,” said Temecula Mayor Maryann Edwards. “Temecula is very pleased to welcome Ladder Truck 73 to our fleet, strengthening our emergency preparedness and enhancing
response capabilities.”

Temecula Mayor Pro-Tem Matt Rahn added, “We are making investments to proudly support the wellbeing and safety of our citizens and fire personnel, including updated tools, fleet and apparatus that better enable our fire department and first responders to safely and effectively perform life-saving work, and also protect property.”

Temecula City Manager Aaron Adams said Measure S is keeping the city “among the safest in the nation.”

“Since 2016, we’ve opened a new fire station, completed major renovations at another fire station, hired two fire captains, an engineer, an engineer medic, two firefighter II, two firefighter II medics, as well as additional fire systems inspectors, replaced a fleet of fire inspection/medic SUVs and trucks, and have now equipped our city with a larger, brand new fire ladder truck,” he said.

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